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Horse Country Store

Country Clothing

Ladies' Outerwear Ladies' Scarves & Mufflers Ladies' Socks Ladies' Caps and Hats Men's Outerwear Ties, Squares & Cufflinks Men's Scarves & Mufflers Ladies' Clothing Men's Shirts and Sweaters Men's Caps and Hats Men's Socks Handbags, Totes and Luggage Umbrellas, Shooting and Walking Sticks Warmers and Liners

Men's Shirts and Sweaters


Viyella Crew Neck Sweater

Viyella V-Neck Sweater

Barbour® Nelson Charcoal

Barbour® Ayton Sweater

Barbour® Danby Sweater

Barbour® Kersal Sweater

Buck Mountain Sweater Coat

Men's Horner Sweater

Men's Sweater Vest Blue

Men's Sweater Vest Gold

Men's Sweater Vest Rust

Polos and Tees

CoolFlo Performance Polo

Kastel Henrik Navy

Kastel Henrik Black

Horse Country Signature Tee

Horse Country Signature T-Shirt

Men's Dress Shirts

Horse Country Viyella® V40

Horse Country Viyella® V39

Horse Country Viyella® V38

Horse Country Viyella® V37

Horse Country Viyella® V35

Horse Country Viyella® V34

Horse Country Viyella® V33

Horse Country Viyella® V31

Horse Country® Viyella V26

Horse Country® Viyella V24

Horse Country® Viyella V23

Horse Country® Viyella V20

Horse Country® Viyella V22

Horse Country Viyella® V17

Horse Country Viyella® V15

Horse Country Viyella® V14

Horse Country Viyella® V6

Horse Country Viyella® V3

Ludlow Tattersal

Rockwell Tattersal

Barbour® Sport Tattersal

Barbour® Sport Tattersal

Barbour® Haltwhistle

Barbour® Rowlock

Barbour® Classic

Brayton Tattersal

Clarkson Blue

Generations Tattersal Turquoise

Generations Tattersal Moss

Horse Country® Shirt Orange

Horse Country® Shirt Olive

Micro-Suede Shirt in Luggage

Micro-Suede Shirt in Cayenne

Micro-Suede Shirt in Espresso

Micro-Suede Shirt in Lava

Micro-Suede Shirt in Platoon

Horse Country Viyella® V34
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